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Surf lessons


Explore expert led surf lessons at Bradhas Surf Bali. Our skilled instructors offer personalised coaching tailored to your skill level and goals.


Whether you're a beginner or an experienced surfer, our team will help you progress and excel in the renowned surf breaks of Bali's Bukit Peninsula, including Uluwatu area, Nusa Dua and Kuta Beach.


Join us for an unforgettable surfing adventure in the breathtaking surroundings of South Bali!

Private surf lesson Balangan Beach Bali

1 student - 1 instructor

Our private surf lessons are highly popular, perfect for first-timers and surfers of all levels seeking a fully personalised surfing experience.

We tailor each session to your specific abilities and surfing goals, ensuring an unforgettable surf experience.

Your lesson will take place at a carefully selected beach based on your skill level and the day's surf conditions.

Benefit from continuous feedback during your lesson to enhance your surfing skills and deepen your understanding of the ocean.

Join us for an incredible surfing experience and catch plenty of waves!



Drop-in lesson: 650,000 IDR

Package of 6 lessons: 3,600,000 IDR



• Surfboard

• Zinc (available on request)

• Rash guard (available on request)


Surf photography is available upon request at an additional fee.

Surf lesson Kuta Beach

2 students - 1 instructor

Students thrive and progress faster in a personalised setting. That's why we maintain small group sizes, offering a 2:1 student-to-instructor ratio for our semi-private surf lessons.

Our skilled instructors customise each lesson to suit your individual surfing level, selecting waves that match your abilities.


You'll receive personalised feedback and technique tips for every wave you catch, exploring new surfing spots and exciting challenges as you advance.

Discover the advantages of a personalised semi-private surf lesson with us!



Drop-in lesson: 500,000 IDR per person

• Package of 6 lessons: 2,700,000 IDR per person


• Surfboard

• Zinc (available on request)

• Rash guard (available on request)


Surf photography is available upon request at an additional fee.


Our group lessons are exclusively available for private groups with a total size of 3 to 6 students.

Pre-bookings are required, subject to availability.

Join us for a fun and engaging group surfing experience, perfect for private gatherings and small teams looking to enjoy the waves together.

Surf levels

From first-time surfers to skilled wave riders, we welcome surfers of all levels and tailor each lesson to suit your individual surf level and goals.

With us, you can safely elevate your surfing skills to the next level, ensuring an enjoyable and rewarding experience throughout your journey!

Dreamland Beach _charlottalouice

Whether you're taking your first plunge into surfing or are an 'occasional holiday surfer,' our beginner surf lessons are designed just for you!

Our comprehensive beginner surf lessons cover all the essentials to help you gain confidence and safety in the water while mastering the art of riding beginner-friendly waves.

Here's what you'll learn:

• Basic surf theory, essential surf safety, and an introduction to the surf spot

• Surfboard features, paddling techniques, and the crucial pop-up technique for smooth wave rides

• Overcoming any fears, as our lessons focus on mindset and comfort in the water

• Continuous feedback and support throughout your lesson to ensure you have the guidance you need


Beginner Level 1:1

If you're a total beginner or have had a few lessons but still struggle with basics like paddling and popping up, this level is perfect for you.


Beginner Level 1:2

For beginners with some experience, able to stand up and ride straight on a wave, and already comfortable on a hardboard.

Improve my surfing skills

Enhance your surf skills and water confidence with expert-led surf lessons at new surf spots and challenging waves.

Our intermediate surf lessons are tailored for surfers who already have experience in surfing!

You're comfortable surfing and catching waves independently but seek direction, feedback, and professional tips to refine your skills. You may struggle with confidence or face fears that hinder your progress.

During our lessons, we focus on wave selection, timing, turns, take-off, duck dive techniques, and more. Catching more waves naturally enhances your surf skills and boosts your confidence!


This option is perfect if you're looking for guidance to master a new surf spot in Bali.

Surf trip to Nias island, Sumatra

Refine your cutback techniques, tackle bigger waves, and explore advanced surf spots in Bali and beyond with our expert guidance!

Let us lead you to some of the most incredible waves of your surfing journey, showcasing a variety of world-class surf breaks in the region.

Tailored to your preferences, we provide feedback on your surf technique, wave selection, surf mindset, and more.

With our extensive experience in Bali's surf breaks, we excel in determining the best locations and timings to maximise your surfing experience!

Let's chase some barrels and spread the stoke together!

Surf spots in Bali

At Bradhas Surf Bali, we're fortunate to be nestled among Bali's best surf breaks!

Before each surf lesson, we meticulously check surf conditions and select a spot that's preferably uncrowded, offering pristine conditions tailored to your surf level.

Discover the beauty and excitement of surfing in Bali with us!

Get ready to surf with us at these incredible surf spots in Bali:​

Balangan Beach

Dreamland Beach

Padang Padang Beach

Uluwatu Beach

Green Bowl Beach

Nusa Dua

Jimbaran Beach

Kuta Beach

... and as every surfer, we do have our secret surfing spots!

Surf trips and more
Surf trip Sumatra

Explore Surf Trips to Nias, North Sumatra: 


Welcome to Nias, North Sumatra! We return to our beloved home break in Nias a couple of times a year. Like many other surfers, we adore this destination for its iconic Nias Wave!

Surf the waves of a lifetime, immerse yourself in local culture, and savour the untouched nature and laid-back island life.

Upon request, we provide fully customised surf trips to this surfing paradise.

Surf lesson Padang Padang beach

Discover the abundance of amazing surf spots in Bali!

We all know that Bali is home to plenty of incredible surf spots waiting to be explored!

At your request, we can organise day surf trips to various locations across Bali.

One of our favourite surf breaks is Keramas Beach, located just 1.5 hours away from our Bali base. It's an ideal choice for a day surf trip when the surf conditions are favourable.

Surf and yoga retreat Uluwatu Bali

Surf and Yoga: The Perfect Pairing!

Surfing and yoga activities complement each other perfectly.

In addition to our surf services, by request, we also offer private yoga sessions for guests looking to enhance their day with a relaxing and rejuvenating yoga session.

Our gentle yoga movements are designed to help you soften and release your muscles, body, and mind.


We can also provide recommendations on the best yoga retreats and studios in the area to further enrich your wellness experience.

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