Our surf lessons are tailored for your individual level and goals.
We surf around Bukit Peninsula in Uluwatu area of south Bali, including Kuta beach.
All levels and ages always welcome.
Private surf lesson Balangan Beach Bali

1 student - 1 instructor

Most popular! This is where you get the most out of your surf session. A high quality, personalised 2 hour private surf lesson, tailored to match your ability and goals.

Covering all surf basics, providing continuous feedback and private coaching during the surf lesson.

For any surf level!

Prices starts at

550.000 IDR / lesson*

Multi-day packages and special low season / Covid rates available.

*Conditions apply

Surf lesson Kuta Beach

2 students - 1 instructor


Surf with your friend and create beautiful memories together. Share the surf stoke and the wipe outs, have fun while learning and improving your surfing skills.

These 2 hours surf lessons are adjusted to both your individual goals and covers surf basics, continuous feedback, 
coaching and a lot of waves! 


Prices starts at

500.000 IDR / 1 lesson / person*

Multi-day packages and special low season / Covid rates available.

*Conditions apply

Surf lesson for family Bali

3 or 4 students - 1 instructor

Great if you're adventuring with your friends or looking for a family activity. Start your day with a couple hours of fun in the water, and you're all set for a great day ahead. Surf lessons are adjusted to your individual surf ability and covers all surf essentials.

Join us!

Prices starts at

400.000 IDR / 1 lesson / person*

Multi-day packages and special low season / Covid rates available.

*Conditions apply

For the first time surfer to the skilled surfer.
Learn to surf or take your surfing to the next level with us.
We make sure your surf lesson matches your level.

Our beginner surf lessons covers everything you need to feel comfortable, safe and improve your surfing quickly. 

- Introduction to surfing and ocean safety

- Surf spot explanation

- Surf techniques 

- Mindset, overcoming fears, answering any questions

- Continuos feedback in the water

We begin your first lesson by informing and practicing on the beach. Once you're all set up we paddle out into the water. We stay next to you the entire time and make sure you are getting some great waves already on your first day of surfing!

If you do have some previous surf experience, we will simply spend more time in the water right from the beginning of your lesson. 

Improve my surfing skills

New challenges, skills, building confidence.

Our intermediate surf lessons and guiding are tailored for surfers who simply already know how to surf. 

You are already confident in the water, going out surfing by yourself, catching your own waves - but would like some direction, feedback and professional tips of how to improve your skills. 

We practice anything from wave selection, timing, turns, take off and duck dive techniques and any other detail you might wish to work on.

Getting more waves will boost your confidence, which is key when it comes to surfing! 

Join us also if you are seeking guidance to try a new surf spot in Bali. More waves more fun!

Best surf instructor in Bali

Cut back techniques, bigger waves and advanced surf spots.

Let us guide you to some of the best waves of your life, while providing tips and tricks for how to improve your technique and anything related. We tend to know exactly where and when to go, to make the best of the surf sessions each day.

Let's hope we get to score some barrels and have some great times together!

Special mate rates might apply!!

We are lucky to be surrounded by a bunch of great surf breaks in Bali! 
Prior to surf lessons, we make sure to check and choose a spot with the cleanest possible conditions, always matching your surf level!

A few typical surf spots are:

Balangan Beach

Padang Padang Beach

Dreamland Beach

Uluwatu Beach

Kuta Beach

Greenbowl Beach

Pandawa Beach

Beaches in Nusa Dua

Jimbaran Bay

... and as every surfer, we do have our secret spots!

Surf trip Sumatra

We are usually heading to our favourite Indonesian Island a few times each year. We promise, there's nothing like this wave!

Contact us for more details about our next trip, and join us for a few days of an epic surf adventure. Local knowledge it its best! 


We are always happy to arrange for a surf trip up the coast of Bali.


As an example, Keramas Beach (a favourite surf break of ours) is located only about 1.5 hour away from our location in Bali. This makes an ideal alternative as a day trip when the right surf conditions allow. Ask us for more.

Surf and yoga retreat Uluwatu Bali

We do also offer private yoga classes as a great combination with your surfing!


For your convenience, our yoga teacher is happy to hold the sessions for example at your hotel or homestay.


No previous experience is required, classes suitable for any level!

Support local during your Bali holiday!